A bunch of items lay useless at home, seemingly turning to trash. A great way to free up space and get rewarded is to resell them. Used-items, new never-used items can all sell pretty well. Now, with online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, buying, and selling from individual to individual has also become seamless. So, why not make the best of it?

A few queries that customers have before going online include selling items safely, finding the best prices, the best place to sell, or finding companies that will sell your stuff on behalf of you. In short, there are online ways of land-based shops that will check your stuff and immediately pay you cash if it is worth buying?

  • Starting at home is always great because it costs nothing and is always accessible. Holding garage and yard sales is one of these tactics that pay pretty well within the neighborhood. Or, you could take your stuff to a garage or yard sale hosted by your neighbor.
  • Online is the next step from offline sales. Here, you are also at home and have all the convenience. Because using social media is pretty easy, listing items, negotiations, talking to strangers is seamless. It has a wide reach as well.
  • Having a local community group online or a community center such that you can post notices is also very handy. This helps because now you can reach the entire community, neighborhood through a single post. Focus on buy/trade/sell groups.
  • Then, taking it to the online version through community groups on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and similar platforms is also a way to sell your items for extra cash.

All the above tips pay immediately, and in cash in most of the cases. This is primarily useful because you can then spend it without any delay. Or, save it in your investment funds. With some extra cash at home, your living space is also free for productive work.

Group Posts

Let us look at some places where you can sell your unused items fast, and get immediate cash. Looking for the best prices is all about negotiations, and on-spot talent. We have already a good idea of online and offline places, but people move fast from one app to another, so targeting a large audience is difficult. This calls for group posts. Meaning, you post ads of your sales through your own accounts, friends’ accounts and try to cover as much ground as possible. Social media has the benefit of doing just that.

Best Is eBay

This is the single most popular buy/sell/trade platform focusing solely on unused or refurbished items. This is a peer-to-peer selling platform where people can even auction their items for the largest bid, meaning that you can make good cash if your product is good. Presentation, selling strategies are all the key here. Use eBay primarily for niche items because they have enough value, and collectibles are perfect.

Consignment Shop

Locally available second=hand shops are the best ways to sell your items immediately. Take your quality items to these places as well to get an idea of how much you can make? Yes, eBay is still great for auctioning your items, but these shops are also good for selling high-quality items. Things like clothes, furniture, jewelry, electronics, etc. go well with them. But, there is very much the possibility that you will not get the best deal or decent return. So, knock on their door only when urgent and in an emergency.

Specific Items

Apart from the above tips and tricks, very specific items demand a person that can understand its value. These can be props of a famous movie, a popular limited edition of an old video game, some rare electronics items from the past, and so on. You have to find people who can pay well for them, and maybe even restore them, and resell them.


There are both online and offline ways to deal with these things. Depending on the item you wish to resell, you need to make use of either or both of the ways. The bigger the reach, the better the chance to make a good deal.