There are several small things like changing your light bulbs, washing your car, bike, or just trimming your beard, which is a pretty simple task. Collecting the money that you spend on them every month, and going DIY will give you an idea of how much you can save from developing these habits. These are things you pay for that you can do at home, with the same efficiency.

  • Trimming your hair, the beard is a daily ritual. Shaving is analogous to trimming and also can be done at home with minimal effort and tools. Because of these activities, people spend $100 per month, on average.
  • Washing your car or bike should be an enjoyable activity for you at weekends. Yet, going for a professional car wash every week can cost you $100 or more as well.
  • Because meals can cost a hefty price and fast food is not healthy, eating outside is also something that is growing to be expensive. And, cooking at home is an essential skill for all.
  • Helping people with advice, whether it is finance, politics, or just communication skills, can help you make some cash from home.
  • Tutoring yourself from online classes can be very helpful. Rather than venturing out, going online for regular studies, skill development can save you money that you pay for.
  • Small repair and renovation projects at home like electrical installations, plumbing, and stuff. Depending on your knowledge or by practice, you can save a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for them any longer.

Therefore, from the above small set of tips, it is clear that there are dozens of things that we can do in a DIY manner. From simply keeping and maintaining the home, keeping up the garden and yard to elaborate projects like home renovation, things that we pay for, can be done at home. These will cost minimal or nothing at all in some cases. And, with that money, you can save enough for Thanksgiving or for buying presents for your friend this holiday.
Let us see how few things can be dealt with more elaborately.

Cooking Skills

If you do not know how to cook a decent meal, it is rather a time to start learning it. An average US household of 4 spends nearly $3000 dining out per year. This translates to $250 per month and about $60 per person per month. If you can instead eat at home, plan and cook your own meals, the things that you pay for are possible at home in a much affordable way. This is DIY at its best because it saves money, time, and allows you to learn a great skill.
Cooking yourself allows you to experiment, make food of your own liking, and much more.


One big chunk of money goes into repair, neatness, tidy-up and upkeep of your home, and surrounding areas like garden and yard. If you have a pool, that adds up too. But none of these things actually require a high skill set. Besides obvious projects that require professional help, several things are easy. Things like cleaning the pool, electrical fixtures, keeping up the yard easily fall under DIY ideas. They can help save a bunch of cash that you rather pay instead.


Washing your own clothes at home, minimizing the use of washing machines, trimming, or shaving at home is basic examples. Self-care might include elaborate things like mediation, exercises at home, doing yoga at home as well. None of these things require paying someone to attend groups and stuff. You can do everything at home, at your leisure, taste, and style. Thus, going DIY on these basic lifestyle activities can help you save a good amount of cash on unnecessary memberships, logistics, transport, etc. That took on a daily basis. On average, a US household of 2 people spends $500 per month.


To make a summary of the above things, self-care, cooking, and reducing outdoor dining are some best DIY ideas. Together with keeping up at home, self-tutoring is brilliant, reducing reliance on external services are cash-saving ideas. They save energy and time as well.