Making extra money on the side is not that difficult. Besides their regular work hours, if you can squeeze in a couple of hours each day, it is all you will need. Some of the best ideas of 2020 completely rely on work-from-home examples and trends. They are easy to replicate, even for women. So, let’s check some of them out right here, right now.

  • Food deliveries and grocery deliveries have become a staggeringly popular business model. As the new-age middle-class and upper-class begin to exploit these facilities, there is endless potential.
  • Because of ridesharing platforms, car-pooling, and stuff, there is an additional avenue to make money when commuting to office or city screening.
  • If you fancy writing nice lines, blogging is a great source of additional income. Because of tons of topics like travel-blogs, food-blogs, writing a couple of hours a day can help you earn extra cash.
  • Going online for additional jobs can also help because of the booming “freelance” market. You can do anything here. All skills are welcome.
  • Tutoring online is a more specific example of the above trend only. But, because of variants and platforms that specifically pay for online tutoring, this can be approached differently.
  • Lastly, buying and reselling can also become a good business. If you enjoy doing these types of works, only then it pays off because it requires regular monitoring of the market, products, and possible customers.

In short, the above hustles of 2020 are the best paying and easiest of all methods to earn extra cash. With these savings, you can make an investment, create an “emergency fund” and use it at the time of need. These are usually the means which are also flexible in all forms, like time, work hours, and location.

We have not yet touched upon the idea of entrepreneurship, starting a business from the comfort of your home, and creative stuff. These are some of the evergreen ideas, but the above hustles are specific to the time 2020 or the online-digital era. From mobile connectivity, IoT, 24×7 internet connection in your pocket, the above things are possible.


One of the ways to trigger a top-side hustle from home is to use your creativity to sell products and services online. With the dominance of eCommerce in developing countries as well, Amazon and its look-alikes have made big money. This has allowed even low-income families to join in the revolution. They can make and sell products from anywhere across the world if they have an internet connection.

After a day’s work, spending an hour or so, and sending away your orders at weekends, is not at all a bad idea. The best thing about this hustle is that it works in any location, remote or otherwise. It works in rural and semi-urban areas as well. If there is a post office, you don’t have to worry.

Making City Deliveries

The city life is completely opposite to that of rural or semi-urban areas. Here people do not have time, have more than one job, and a lot of things on their plates at once. Thus, all menial jobs, important jobs except the “salaried” jobs can use some help. People buy groceries, send parcels, take care of urgent deliveries, get items they forgot at home using these services. Even the 3 meals of the day come by post. This allows for eager people to make extra cash by spending just a couple of hours a day, day or night.

Make $1000 a Month

Because a side hustle demands time beyond the regular 9 to 5 job, you need to work on ideas that can help you make at least $1000 or so monthly. These will help pay bills and even have some savings. When you decide early on your interests and your hobbies, with some help that can become a small business. Investing money on a small scale is also a side hustle.


Schedule the time properly, and above all, never forget about your day job. A mistake that most people make is exactly that. Do not start ignoring the main job, for the forthcoming one, because it can prove costly.