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Hi! I'm Steven! ✨ I'm an adventure loving creative director, producer and entrepreneur living and working in Amsterdam. My background is in graphic design, but I basically do it all: motion, copywriting, strategy, photography, full product development and launch... I am Irish, and proud! 🍀

I co-founded, and am Creative Director of Yamba Health. A socially sustainable superfood company uplifting African lives in Malawi (thousands of them!).

I'm also the co-founder and Creative Director of High Cuisine, a TV show, product line and book series that positions itself at the intersection of fine dining and cultural exploration with natural psychoactive plants.

Aside from that, I've worked with WeTransfer as a creative consultant since 2015 and have been instrumental in shaping the famous wallpaper format. There, I've worked for well over 100 A-list brands and been nominated for a number of awards. 🏆

I've also spent two years working as a lead design consultant on the Uber brand team, where we produced work for 124 cities in 64 countries.

In terms of collaborations I work in three ways:

If you'd like to book me as a speaker, I have plenty to say on creativity, building businesses and following your dreams.

I will travel for work. ✨